Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review of Jurassic Lounge

What did you do on Tuesday night? I bet it wasn’t as cool as what I did! Does this sound a little childish? If so, well tough, I can’t help it. I’ve been thrown back to the giddiness of childhood fun by the delights of Jurassic Lounge. There’s so much to say about Jurassic Lounge it’s honestly hard to know where to begin.

I’ve been to Jurassic lounge once before, not long after it had started, earlier this year I think, the layout was different then and it felt a little too crowded and not all that easy to get around. But now with the new season, a little reorganising of the bars and silent disco has, in the words of Robert Frost “made all the difference” and it’s a breeze to negotiate even in heels.

If I had to sum up Jurassic lounge in a single sentence I’d say it’s like revisiting childhood with wine. So really what better way to spend a Tuesday night? $15 gives you access all areas and a free drink from the bar. You can wander drink in hand, through two large floors of exhibitions stopping where ever you like to marvel at the wonders of the natural world. There are some scary looking creatures amongst the specimens most of which have extremely long sounding Latin names which I could not pronounce let alone spell.

Not everything you’ll see is dead either. You can handle various stick insects and look at tree frogs, lizards and snakes up close and personal. My friend liked the lizard so much we had to make a return trip to see him. Quite how he feels about being her new face book profile picture history doesn’t relate.

A large dinosaur which roamed around the ground floor of the museum was also quite a hit and had two body guards with him to ensure safety, his or ours I’m not quite sure, though certainly lots of dinosaur stroking went on. Yes it is amazing how excited a bunch of adults get about a man in a dinosaur costume! Or maybe it’s not really when you come to think about it.

The most exciting thing about Jurassic Lounge, even more than the man in the dino suit, is that even though you’re given a run sheet when you enter there’s always a sense of surprise about what you might find around the next corner. It could be a silent disco, a man doing taxidermy, a games room, belly dancers or, well the list goes on and on. It’s an adventure and how often can you say that these days? It should also be said that the staff and volunteers are super relaxed and friendly. There never seems to be the slightest issue with carrying glasses of wine or bottles of beer through the undoubtedly precious exhibits. Everything is easy and exciting.

Sadly all good things must end, but before they do get a fake dinosaur tattoo, that’s my new motto. If nothing else it gives you something to smile about while waiting for the bus home. I’m hoping that if I don’t wash my wrist for a week it might just last until next Tuesday. Let’s hope so kids, let’s hope so!

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